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Our Process

Turn Key Building Group can be a part of making your dream home or custom cottage a reality right from Step One. Whether you’re looking to build a custom home or cottage on property you already own or are in search of that perfect slice of heaven to build on, we’ll meet you wherever you are at in the planning process and go together from there!

Finding the Right Property & Making It Yours

Part of what everyone loves about cottaging is the uniqueness of each and every property. Each piece of land holds its own one-of-a-kind potential. If your planning and design process begins with the land that you own, we can help you realize that potential through a custom-designed cottage tailored specifically to complement your site. Or, if you’re starting off with a vision of the cottage you want, we can help you find and purchase the ideal piece of property to make it a reality.

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Connecting With the Right Designer for Your Project

Your project will require a designer or architect who listens carefully and understands the vision you have for your dream cottage project. Maybe you already have an idea of who you would like to work with. If you do, great! If you don’t, not to worry. Turn Key Building Group can help you connect with the right designer or architect for your development project.

With your chosen designer and a Turn Key Project Manager working together as a team, we will discuss a variety of steering objectives and identify priorities. Once a designer has been chosen and contracted, Turn Key Building Group will be positioned in the middle of everyone and everything to ensure the development process flows ahead with ease. 

Whether it be budget, look, or purpose, Turn Key Building Group will work with everyone involved to keep the priorities at the forefront of the planning and design process.

The Planning Begins

Once your inspiration and your project’s purpose are clear to all involved and the custom design has firm direction, the schedule and budget can begin to be more accurately established. Here we break the timeline into five phases: 

  1. site prep 
  2. foundation
  3. structure
  4. finishing
  5. landscaping

Moving from this macro view, an additional 200+ line items can be precisely laid into a well-thought-through plan that will form the foundation of a strictly executed timeline. 

With the timeline and design in place, the budget can then be fine-tuned as needed. Our tight control over timelines helps control budget accuracy and the bottom line.

Here We Go!

Turn Key Building Group works alongside all designers on a project involved in all aspects of the build (architects, engineers, septic designers, heat loss and HVAC designers, surveyors, etc.) before submitting the required documents and drawings to the township for permitting.  Work on-site then enters the execution phase of the plan. 

From this point forward, client and trade parties will have access to the entire project timeline virtually. Weekly updates will keep everyone informed of any timeline improvements or delays, design changes, process changes, material changes, etc.

If the Fit Feels Right, Join Us!

With access to on-site cameras, Gantt chart updates on progress, weekly budget reports, and a Project Manager that is always accessible, you may just feel like sitting down at the lunch table with the crew. Whether that’s the case or not, transparency and accountability are paramount in the Turn Key Building Group process.

We’re Here for the Long Haul

We're local. Turn Key Building Group - and trades that are a part of any of our build projects - are here to stand by our work. That means we will answer the phone and listen to any issues or concerns you may have after completion. We will come and see you to review any of those issues and concerns. We will fix those issues and concerns, big or small, every one, until you are feeling great about the investment you just made into your quality of life and the future of your family.

Furnishings, Décor & Paint

You can have an amazing layout but if you don’t furnish it with properly sized furniture, your space won’t look or function right. Our team can help with that! Not only can we plan the furniture placement, we can supply the style and colours in fabric or leathers to match the look you want.

Sit down in our design center and let us help you create exactly what you envision. Simply Home Furnishings – Furniture for Everyday Living!

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