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Meet Daryl Idiens

What do you get when you combine a keen interest and knowledge in real estate, a deep love and respect for the beauty of the Muskoka region, and a passion for flying? Daryl Idiens.

Daryl has spent years working with clients and taking on his own projects that vary in focus from buying “forever cottages” to building purpose-built income-generating cottages or resale specs. Through these experiences, Daryl and his wife Melissa have refined their approach to building, design, and décor, offering experienced consultation alongside hired designers to help create a great blend of function, form, and budget-matching style.

Daryl’s years of experience in the real estate field have also brought him into contact with many of Muskoka’s finest builders and contractors, which whom he has established a rapport and local presence.

Project Management 

Daryl’s project management skills’ application to build management stems from his experience in critical logistical planning in the health care industry. Aggressive communication, scheduling, and follow up drive projects with dynamic timelines. Daryl regularly updates and shares Gantt charts to help keep the job moving clearly forward.


Aviation is probably the least obvious contributor to Daryl’s approach to building, but it’s very important nonetheless. As a former MEDEVAC and corporate pilot, Daryl needed to plan and execute flights safely…every time. Through aviation, pilots learn to plan ahead and attempt to foresee the unforeseeable, then plan to deal with those situations before they become critical problems.

The foundation of this is where flying applies to project management and building.In every decision made, there is an attempt to look at different angles, along with the possible outcomes and future impacts of those decisions.

By practicing this type of planning, budget and timeline delays can be predicted, then corrected before they happen.